XIAMEN University Malaysian Campus relies on Bentofix® Geosynthetic Clay Liner


XIAMEN University is the first renowned Chinese university to expand outside China. It is in line with the Malaysian Government vision and augurs well with the Malaysian Government’s aspiration to establish itself as the regional hub for higher education in Asia and beyond.

The first phase of Xiamen University Malaysia will cost RM 652mil. It will be sited on 26ha. The first phase comprises five academic blocks, five student residences, activity centres and sporting facilities.

The cost of the entire campus is estimated at RM 1.3bil. It will be the university’s first campus abroad and will have a 61ha footprint. It will be able to have a student intake of 10,000. The building architecture would feature a combination of Western building style with Chinese red roofs, which he added resembled that of Xiamen Jiageng architecture that is both unique and harmonious with its environment.

The management of the university intends to create a similar natural environment of the main campus university in China by embarking on project of constructing an 8 acre lake within its facility. Apparently there is a huge lake within its campus area in China.

NAUE Asia worked closely with the Consultant and upon numerous technical discussion and proposal, succeeded in convincing both the Client and Consultants in applying Bentofix® NSP 4000 Geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) as the lining material for the lake.

The design proposed by NAUE Asia completely ruled out the used of other competitors’ products in view of the superiority of the parameters namely the permeability and index flux values.

Both Client and Consultants were satisfied with the performance of the NAUE’s Bentofix® NSP 4000 Geosynthetic Clay Liner.

Year of construction: February 2015
City/Country: Dengkil, Selangor
Installed Products: Bentofix® NSP 4000