What Makes a Dream Beach Dreamlike? How to Make it a Reality

What is a Dream Beach? Why Are They Important to Tourists?

Clear blue skies, sparkling azure water, soft sand beneath their feet, gently swaying palm trees, a fruity, refreshing cocktail in hand, the kiss of warm sun on their skin, and the perfect mix of luxury comfort and nature.

This is what many tourists consider their dream beach getaway. While some guests will choose to remain on the beach all day, others will explore the local reefs and cliffs, but as the sun sets everyone chooses to watch from the beach, enjoying the cooler air and relaxed atmosphere.

When they return to their home country with 10-12°C air temperatures, windchill, and possibly rain, they long for the warmth of their dream beach, where the sea was warm, they didn’t need to wear four layers to go outside, and each day they could simply walk out of the hotel straight onto the beach.

What do your guests do as rain lashes them and they struggle to get their suitcases in or out of the car? They start planning to return to your resort.

Put Yourself in Your Guests’ Shoes to Understand Their Dream Beach

When you put yourself in your customers’ shoes and start to think like them and understand the weather and the stress they are escaping, you’ll know exactly what they want from their beach holiday. They come to you for a chance to relax, unwind, and recover from the stress of daily life with their loved ones, and solo travellers long for an evening event where they can relax, listen to the entertainment, and watch the sunset over the ocean.

As a successful hotel manager or owner, you are probably asking yourself: “Do we have a dream beach? How can I provide this dream beach? How can I create this image and protect it year-round, without investing huge sums of money?” It’s a challenge – global warming is increasing storms that often batter, erode and destroy your beach.

You now know what your guests want: gentle, warm, soft landscapes created by nature and refined by you. The promenade, beach, and ocean should merge seamlessly from one to another. There should be clear, clean waters to swim in, and anything else that distracts your guests from their stressful and often cold realities back home.

But what do you see when you look out of your office window? Large, unsightly rocks and concrete that has become rough after years of aggressive salt water lapping at it that it cuts your guest’s feet the first time they walk out into it. No matter how beautiful your beach is, that first impression has been ruined and the illusion of the perfect getaway is gone – from here on, they won’t be able to relax.

Protect Naturally (Like the Martial Art Taijiquan 太极拳)

“Is there any way I can protect my beach and promenade so that I can retain (or restore) the soft natural landscape of the beach? Is there any way I can stop each storm from doing damage that costs time and money to put right each time?” Fortunately, yes – there is a solution that will help you protect a large or small stretch of beach.

Sandbags. Yes, the solution is that simple, but they aren’t made of cheap plastic or even natural fibres, and they aren’t the kind of sandbags that upon filling entirely become so stretched and inflexible that you are essentially placing rocks on your resort. For a sandbag that seamlessly fits in with your resort, you need a material that is soft, robust, and will not oppose the waves, like a reef.

These sandbags are geotextile and made of nonwoven material, which means they absorb the natural forces of the waves and protect your beach.

As with the martial art Taijiquan 太极拳, the geotextile nonwoven sandbags are soft, supple, and adapt to the natural environment. In an aggressive storm, they use the environment, the inner core of sand, and their flexibility to fight against the beach-eating waves. And the best bit? Your guests won’t even know they’re there. The sandbags can be completely covered with sand and should the storm dislodge the covering, the sandbags have a beige outer skin and won’t stand out against the landscape of the beach.

Achieve a Dream Beach Through Easy Installation and Competent Consulting

Modern and effective coastal and beach protection: Secutex® Soft Rock Sand Bags / Sand Container installation in the Beach 

Now that you’ve found a solution, you can start to relax. The installation of our sandbags is easy, and the knowledgeable team at NAUE Asia will guide you through what you need and then supply you with the right sandbags for your beach. If the stretch of beach you want to protect is small, you can even install them yourself. This modern solution provides you with incredible beach protection against waves, storms, and associated erosion.

You can, therefore, provide your guests with not only a unique holiday experience at your hotel or resort but also a beautiful beach that takes them seamlessly down to the sea. You will have successfully created the dream beach your guests will rave about.

You will rest easy knowing that when the next typhoon hits, your beach will still be ready for guests with only minor clean up, instead of major repairs. Your competitor will be stuck with a sub-par hotel that doesn’t offer guests the holiday they dreamed of, and they have to invest money and time to rebuild their beach while your guests feel safe in the knowledge that they made the right choice.

You will have created that dream beach that not only pleases your guests but gives you more positive reviews and bookings.