Electrified Double Tracking Project Between Subang Jaya and Terminal Skypark was funded by the Government through Ministry of Transport to provide rail based public transport especially to connect the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (SAAS) Airport Terminal and the vicinity area with the existing railway network.

Generally, the above project consists of two main section ie. at grade section in between Subang Jaya and Sri Subang for the length of 4.09km using the existing railway reserve and also the elevated section in between Sri Subang and Terminal Skypark for the total length of 4.067km which is along the existing Sungai Damansara river reserve.

In view of the elevated section traversing through JPS reserve along Sg Damansara, it was crucial that the existing riverbank be further reinforced and up-graded. The initial proposal was using a conventional rip rap rock filling system with green mattress and RC Retaining Wall at areas where space is constraint.

NAUE Asia worked closely with the key Consultant and proposed the application of Secutex® Softrock at these areas. Where space is of constraint, we proposed Secutex® Soft Rock sand containers with Secugrid® be used replacing the RC Retaining Wall.

The Authority was very receptive of this proposal as this is in-line with JPS philosophy of have having a green environment as opposed to concrete structures.

This design proposed by NAUE Asia completely ruled out the used of any form of conventional concrete reinforcing element hence providing a system that blends with the natural environment and not compromising on any aspects of the technical design. These system eradicates scouring problem which has been apparent in most conventional approaches.

Approximately 70,000 Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags will be utilised in this project making it the biggest ever supply of Secutex® Soft Rock for a single project.

Year of construction: August 2014
City/Country: Damansara, Selangor
Installed Products: Secutex® Softrock (70000nos), Combigrid®, Secugrid®