Slope Protection using Secugrid® Geogrid and Secumat® Erosion control mat

PLUS Expressway Sdn Bhd is the biggest highway concessionaire in Malaysia where the North-South Expressway, being one of the major highways ever constructed, traversers through the northern and the southern part of peninsular Malaysia. Opus Sdn Bhd is the main organization carrying out the maintenance work for the Concessionaire.

Along the south bound of the Expressway near Pedas-Linngi, towards Johor Baru, some of the existing rock based cut-slopes were experiencing problems, where small rocks seem to be giving way. Further, OPUS wanted to create an even façade where the rocks can be covered and to avoid small rocks from giving way hence encroaching into the Expressway.

OPUS upon further discussion with NAUE, proposed Secugrid® 30/30 Q1 geogrid in combination with Secumat® ES 604 erosion control mat be applied on this areas hence creating an uniform even façade and further protecting the existing small rocks from falling.

To further reinforce these materials on the slopes, rock bolts were mounted at every 3 meter interval and 1 meter long J-pins were bolted through the rocky surface at every I meter interval.

At the top and the toe of the slope, the Secugrid® and Secumat® was anchored with trenching method which was eventually embedded with concrete. This methodology was proven to be very effective as the overall finishing was neat and tidy.

The original design was to adopt competitor’s product. However after further consultation, OPUS decided to use NAUE’s product for the slope protection system.

The Installation work was carried out by an independent contractor appointed by OPUS following NAUE’s guide and recommendation.

The Client was impressed by the work and the performance of the product

The Client was impressed by the work and the performance of the product. With the success of this project, NAUE is now working closely with OPUS and other Concessionaires on other related projects.

Year of construction: August 2013
City/Country: Pedas, Negeri Sembilan
Installed Products: Secugrid® 30/30 Q1 , Secumat®