SECUMAT® erosion control mat

Secumat® is a three-dimensional erosion control mat with a labyrinth-like synthetic core.

SECUMAT® the erosion control mat is multifunctional

Secumat® erosion control mats are used for slope and ground protection in road building, landscaping, and landfill engineering works. Waterways engineering works employ Secumat® on flood plains and embankments. Properly dimensioned it prevents the sliding and washing out of the soil and cover layer while facilitating rapid vegetation growth. Upon heavy rains and water flows, the reinforcing ability of Secumat® prevents erosion of the otherwise vulnerable vegetation. Once vegetated, Secumat® reduces runoff velocities and thereby increases infiltration and reduces discharge. Directly next to water courses, Secumat® protects the banks from the scouring action of water flow.

SECUMAT® the erosion control mat is safe

The open structure of Secumat® allows soil filling over its entire area and depth. Secumat® thus retains surface water and prevents erosion. Root development is supported by the three-dimensional structure of Secumat® adding to the strength of the vegetative protection. It is resistant to all natural chemical or biological substances present in the soil and is also extremely resistant to UV radiation. The effectiveness of Secumat® is ensured for long-term applications.

SECUMAT® the erosion control mat is economical

The light Secumat® rolls enable a rapid and inexpensive installation. They can be filled precisely using a minimum quantity of soil. The Secumat® system can be deployed even on steep slopes stabilising otherwise expensive to repair erosion-prone areas.

SECUMAT® the erosion control mat is simple

Directly following installation, Secumat® is fully functional. In steep slope areas Secumat® can be secured with staples or pegs. Once the open structure.


Secumat® is resistant to environmental influences and supports the development of roots extremely well. Wherever Secumat® is used, a rapid installation and a speedy vegetation of the slopes are ensured. With the correct input parameters, Secumat® will eliminate erosion from even the most demanding sites.