SECUDRAIN® drainage mat

Secudrain® drainage geocomposites consist of a wave-extruded monofilament drainage core and at least one Secutex® nonwoven geotextile as separation / filtration layer. All components are made of polypropylene and are firmly bonded with each other.

Secudrain® WD is used extensively to drain water or gas in various applications. In multi-layered sealing systems, Secudrain® WD fulfills multiple functions.

Three in one – drainage mat for filtration, protection and drainage

Secudrain® WD safely discharges seepage water of the covering soil layer. Additionally, it also filters the soil by means of the firmly attached nonwoven cover geotextile.

Sealing elements such as geomembranes are protec- ted by Secudrain® WD against coarse particles of the adjacent soils.

Advantages of the Secudrain® drainage mat

  • Filtration, protection and drainage in one product
  • Excellent in-plane flow properties
  • Long-term hydraulic performance
  • Replaces mineral drainage aggregate
  • Very high creep resistance
  • Resistance to chemical and biological degradation
  • Firm bond between geotextiles and drainage core
  • Perfectly suited for steep slope application due to very good shear properties
  • Robust against on-site conditions
  • Quick and cost-effective installation
  • Highest quality control standards

Selected Advantages of Secudrain® Drainage mat


The long-term behaviour of Secudrain® WD has been extensively investigated in both, laboratory and field tests. The wave structure of the drainage core ensures a high hydraulic capacity in the long term.


Conventional drainage layers consist of several de- cimeters thick gravel or similar coarse material. Secudrain® WD replaces mineral material equivalently at significantly reduced work assignment and ma- chinery application due to easier transportation and installation.


Secudrain® WD geocomposites achieve high inner shear strength due to thermal fusion of the geotextile components to the drainage core. This shear resistant bond also simplifies instal- lation of geocomposite panels.

Secudrain drainage mat is economical

The 1.90m or 3.80m wide and typically 35m or 70m long Secudrain® rolls are quick and easy to install. The pre-manufactured overlap configuration of Secudrain® provides a simple and quick butt jointing of the geocomposite panels in the longitudinal direction.
The use of Secudrain® in earth construction requires less excavation of in-situ material and, in the case of a landfill liner, the containment volume is increased.
Using Secudrain® saves time and natural resources since 10,000m2 of the Secudrain® system can replace the extraction, transport and installation of appro- ximately 3,000m3 of granular drainage material.

Secudrain® applications

  • Drainage of recultivation/cover soil layers on sealing systems
  • Gas drainage under sealing systems or buildings
  • Leachate detection in multi-layered sealing systems
  • Seepage water drainage at building structures such as bridge abutments, cellars etc.