Geotextile sandbags, sand container and tubes – SECUTEX® Soft Rock

Secutex® Soft Rock are geotextile sand-filled bags, sand containers or tubes that are manufactured from needle-punched Secutex® filter nonwoven geotextiles. These sandbags and sand containers provide an alternative to conventional rock materials and replace the ballast and the filter layer in one element. Secutex® Soft Rock geotextile sandbags and sand containers can be used to protect coastal structures, dunes and beaches by providing erosion or scour protection measures.

Effective solutions against erosion or scour effects for beach protection, coastal protection and scour protection

Secutex® Soft Rock offers a multitude of advantages:

  • Versatile, sand-filled, soft and flexible construction elements for marine, coastal, river, waterway and habor structures
  • Use of different fill materials, depending on the application
  • Excellent tensile strength and elongation characteristics during hydraulic-geotechnical interactions
  • Different sizes, weights and fill capacities available
  • Proven 20-year, long-term performance for scour protection
  • Compared to woven geotextile containers: higher interface friction and higher, proven structural stability
  • Long-term abrasion and robustness performance
  • Single or double-layered nonwovens with or without additional protection layer for covered or uncovered applications
  • Supported by decades of seaming and manufacturing experience
  • Very high-quality control standards
  • Trouble-free disassembly of the scour protection system after the end of the service life

Secutex® Soft Rock can be installed simply with lighter equipment while the transport of heavy rock is avoided. The ingenuity of Secutex® Soft Rock construction rests on the ability to fill them with locally available sand. The filter-stable nonwovens provide robust, flexible construction elements that are similar to the natural coastal and marine environment but with greater erosion control.

The roughened surface of the needle-punched nonwoven geotextiles of Secutex® Soft Rock offer better frictional behavior than comparable systems made of woven fabrics; thus, Secutex® Soft Rock reduces the sliding between stacked sand-filled containers or bags when subjected to currents and waves. Additionally sand and sedimentation embeds itself within the Secutex® nonwoven structure, which gives it a natural protection layer.

Secutex® Soft Rock replaces granular filters and rock armour for scour protection of offshore wind turbine foundations. The sand-filled Secutex® Soft Rock containers provide highly efficient, long-term protection due to the geotextile’s robustness, filtration qualities and weight. There is no need for further granular layers. Installed in advance of monopiles, the system eliminates the risk of erosion during construction. And, the ability to drive piles through the geocontainers enables quicker, more dependable construction that provides valuable savings to a project.

A multitude of applications that can be successfully realised with Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags and sand containers

  • Erosion control in flowing waters
  • Beach protection and Beach erosion repair
  • Dune protection
  • Groynes
  • Sea walls
  • Submerged breakwaters and jetties
  • Scour protection for waterfront structures, walls, bridge piles, offshore wind turbines and quay-walls in habors
  • Offshore cable protection
  • Filling of washed out material in dams
  • Soil stabilisation in dams

Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags and sand container a modern an effective solution

Conventional scour protection solutions can only be installed with big and expensive efforts, and they typically do not stay in position or when installing in larger water depth the filter material is segregated.

In the past scour protection was constructed with mineral aggregate or a geotextile filter under heavy armor rock. A durable and ­effective alternative is Secutex® Soft Rock scour protection.

The placement of the mineral filter and armor rock layer creates numerous difficulties in large water depths and at high flow velocities and does not provide permanent scour protection. For this reason, more often sand-filled geotextile nonwoven containers have been installed as a more effective solution.

Beach repair and storm protection with visually adapt to the environment.

Beachfronts require long-term protection, and the solutions sought must be flexible, durable, and minimise impact on marine environments. The dynamic interaction between waves and waterfront soils and structures complicates hydraulic engineering. Secutex® Soft Rock lightweight, robust nonwoven geotextiles enable these engineered installations to encapsulate sand (including local fill) for the creation of long-term performing bags, containers and tubes. An additional advantage is that Secutex® Soft Rock adapts visually (color) to the environment.


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Sand bags, sand container and tubes for Scour protection, coastal protection structures and erosion control


Advantages of Secutex® Soft Rock Geotextile Sand Container (GSC)

Advantages of Secutex® Soft Rock GSC

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Secutex® Soft Rock specifications

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