The Seri Selangor Golf Club, an 18-hole golf course, wholly owned by the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS), is a regular golfing avenue for avid golfers given its strategic location within its vicinity in the Klang Valley. A natural stream traverses along its range, close to the hole no 18. The stream fronts the coffee house at the entrance where it gives a grand view of the overall KGSS Golf course.

At one side of the bank, a natural earth embankment has been eroding over the years. Heavy downpour further jeopardizes the stability of the embankment. Further, given the location of the stream which is fronting the entrance and coffee house, the embankment has to be reinforced taking into consideration of the natural environment.

On the other side of the bank, an existing rubble pitching wall sitting on piles is further experiencing scouring hence compromising the stability of the wall. Taking this into consideration, it is proposed that the embankment be reinforced using NAUE’s Secutex® Soft Rock system.

Hence NAUE Asia, undertook a detailed study and proposed to adopt the Soft Rock design mechanism. In this approach the Soft Rock sand bags and sand containers was first used to form the base of the wall and subsequently constructed accordingly with the required spacing forming a “wall”. Further in order to avoid the existing earth being washed away, Secutex® H 609 nonwoven geotextile was laid at the lower base and the slopes was. This completed the revetment system.

This design proposed by NAUE Asia completely ruled out the used of any form of conventional concrete reinforcing element hence providing a system that blends with the natural environment and not compromising on any aspects of the technical design. These system eradicates scouring problem which has been apparent in most conventional approaches.

Year of construction: May 2014
City/Country: Damansara, Selangor
Installed Products: Secutex® Soft Rock R601 sandbags (2000 bags)