How sandbags can protect your beachfront resorts

How sandbags can protect your beachfront resorts

Beachfront hotels are immensely popular among tourists. This is for many good reasons. The scenic beauty of a stunning beach adds charm to a hotel situated on a well laid out and properly maintained beach. Classically, beachfront hotels attract higher number of tourists and always enjoy a higher occupancy rate. If you happen to own or manage one such beachfront hotel, then you already understand this fact.

However, the catch point remains; you need to maintain your hotel front beach in immaculate condition at all times to let your guests enjoy optimum quality time. This is easier said than done, especially in the face of thunderous waves and high tide that regularly invade your hotel beach every day.  The destructive effect of these tides and waves can be even more pronounced if your hotel location is exposed to stormy weather conditions more frequently. Waves and tides can gradually erode the beach and change the depth of the beach. This can spell disaster for a beachfront hotel where a bulk of the clients book in for the quality of beachfront displayed by the hotel. In any case, it must be your prime concern to protect your beach and beachfront from the negative impacts of tides and waves.

Interestingly, there are many solutions available to fight the scourge of beachfront erosion. However, most of them are expensive. Adopting an expensive solution can effectively mean spending your complete annual maintenance budget on just beachfront erosion issue tackling. The smarter approach to handling this issue is to find a solution that is cheaper, yet effective. Sandbags are the perfect low-cost choice to tackle beachfront erosion problems. Many smart hotel owners and managers are already employing this inexpensive choice with very encouraging results.

Pattaya beach protection with sandbags

One of the latest examples of the use of sandbags in beachfront expansion and erosion prevention is of a seaside resort in Pattaya, Thailand. Pattaya is a popular tourist destination in the Gulf of Thailand. Gradual degradation of the shoreline and coast was a serious threat to the beachfront hotels.

The problem was tackled by applying a sandbag-based protection technique. Geotextile sandbags were used as ballast and a geotextile filter was installed on the subsoil near the waterline. The entire area was then covered with a layer of sea sand to restore the natural beauty of the beach. This low-cost solution formed the base of further expansion in the beach area and maintenance of its present integrity.

The results were amazing. The narrow beachfront was extended to a spacious area of over 35 meters width. There could not have been a better, more effective and cost friendly solution to this serious beachfront erosion threat.

The solution provider was the NAUE Asia, who supplied the 28.000 sandbags required for the completion of the project. NAUE Asia produced the sand containers and sandbags in beige to ensure that they were in harmony with the environment. Each sandbag was designed to hold 1m³ filling volume. Optimum smart sizing made it easy to deploy and handle the sandbags. Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags were locally filled with the beach sand. This was just one of the major factors that helped in keeping the project costs down since there was no requirement of transporting raw material or earth fillings from external sources. It is one of the main benefits of using sandbags in seafront protection and restoration projects. You can fill them up with locally available material and deploy them at minimal costs.

The project was greatly applauded by the Regional Director of the Pattaya Regional Harbor Office, Mr Ekarat Khantaro. He termed it as an astounding success and the perfect model of beachfront protection that can be copied by all the other beaches in Thailand.

The sandbags solution is simple and effective and is called Secutex® Soft Rock sand container.

Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags are the tool of choice in the hands of hotel owners and hotel managers in Thailand when it comes to effectively handling the problem of beachfront erosion. The tough yet soft and versatile construction of the sandbags is ideal for application in marine environments like beachfronts. They are available in variable sizes, fill capacities and weights.

You can save your precious beaches by deploying this durable, long lasting and cost-effective solution. Enjoy the benefits of Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags before it is too late. The time to protect your beachfront from sea erosion is now.