How to Make More Money with a Dream Beach

Are you a hotel manager? Or, better yet, a beachfront hotel owner? If you’re getting enough bookings and you have enough guests staying in your hotel each week you may wonder what the title means – how could you be making more?

Let’s assume you already have a perfect beach; a beach your guests can reach within a minute or two of leaving the hotel. They don’t have to pass any concrete buildings or stairs that are falling apart, they don’t have to walk over ugly armour stones to get to the beach, and there aren’t any gabion baskets rusting on the beach promenade. There are no cracked Big Bags or torn sandbags with flapping polyester fabric poking out of the sand.

You’ve done everything right – you’ve satisfied guests and they thank you for the paradise in front of your hotel with great reviews and repeat bookings.

Global Warming Threatens Your Dream Beach

But what if global warming continues the way it is going now? The storms may become stronger, a tropical storm may more regularly become a typhoon, and the waves will be more aggressive and after each storm, your beautiful dream beach becomes smaller and smaller. Eventually, your dream beach will be no more, and even your most loyal guests will look elsewhere for the dream beach holiday they crave.

Hotel managers and owners whose beaches are gone understand how expensive it is to rebuild a beach to a standard where it will impress guests next season. The local construction companies are often overbooked after a storm and doing it yourself is simply for most not an option.
But let’s get back on track – how do you earn more money with your dream beach? To continue to earn more money over the years, you must consider the following factors: But let’s get back on track – how do you earn more money with your dream beach? To continue to earn more money over the years, you must consider the following factors:

1. Achieve a dream beach through cleanliness

Start at the beach promenade or, even better, at the doors of your hotel and ensure there are bins provided along the way to help your guests keep the hotel clean. Make sure your staff check the bins several times a day to empty them – regardless of how little rubbish is in them.

On the beach, provide permanent glass ashtrays, or disposable paper ashtrays that can be easily thrown away after use.

Each time the tide comes in and starts to recede, have a member of staff clear the beach of any washed-up rubbish and anything dropped by your guests or people running along the beach.

2. Achieve a Dream Beach through Additional Services

Do you have enough space on the beach for a cocktail bar? If so, providing one will provide you with extra income.

Have you considered providing towels for guests, sunbeds and loungers, and sun protection as another source of income? If you don’t provide these free, you can rent out many of these for a small fee to create an extra stream of income.

If you have spare space in the hotel, have you considered setting up a small spa where guests can go for massages? This can provide an excellent extra revenue stream.

One of the best things you can do for your hotel in our digital world is to provide free Wi-Fi on the beach, and possibly, a solar recharging station for mobile phones. The more of these additional services you provide, the more your customers will have to rave about.

3. Achieve a Dream Beach through Natural Surroundings

This is not a dream beach. Insurmountable stones for coastal protection block access to the beach and are dangerous for your guests.

Do your best to banish anything that looks unnatural. Hide ugly concrete walls, paths, and steps as much as you can, as these can ruin the appearance of the beach. The same applies to the hydraulic concrete blocks and broken rocks with sharp edges that protect the beach from erosion; natural beaches have soft shapes and round stones and pebbles. Use natural building materials like wood and natural stone for stairs and walkways.

But what should you do about the protection you need to protect your beach from the forces of nature that try to destroy it? NAUE Asia, based in Malaysia, offers you a solution: sandbags made from nonwoven fabric which adapts to the natural environment and is hidden under the sand directly on the beach.

4. Get a Durable Dream Beach with Secutex®Soft Rock Sandbags

Secutex® Soft Rock sand bags freshly installed as beach protection and not visible for your guest. (Construction site in Thailand)

Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags are the solution offered by NAUE Asia. They specialise in offering solutions that counter coastal erosion and secure your beach and thus, your source of income. The sandbags are made from a special needled nonwoven flexible fabric sewn into bags with a special thread. The sandbags are filled with local sand and hidden under the sand on your beach, and this installation can be easily done by your own staff or NAUE Asia can help you to source a contractor who can do the job.

A Dream Beach is Your Money-Maker

Beaches are natural and important ecosystems, but they are also an important part of human life. Dream beaches are an important economic factor for many regions in Asia and are absolutely vital to the hospitality industry. The question should not be what we do when our beaches have disappeared, but what we can do to protect them. It will be too late when the beach has disappeared and all your guests have chosen to go elsewhere – you must act now to protect the beach that earns you money.

Beach restoration and beach protection against erosion are topics every hotel manager and hotel owner should have on their agenda.