Four Reasons Why Secutex Sandbags Are The Best Solution For Your Golf Resort

Your resort is famous for its beautifully landscaped golf courses, unbelievable views and rolling greens, an adjacent waterway is picturesquely set in the landscape. But due to erosion, the space your guests have to play golf is slowly but surely being reduced, your resort will look increasingly unattractive, not to mention the work it takes to repair it every time it rains heavily and part of the embankment collapses.

Riverway erosion can quickly become a serious problem; in a storm large areas around the river can be washed away, leaving unsightly damage. Your guests expect the best when they come to your club or resort, and you need to find a way to stop the constant erosion that also won’t ruin the aesthetics of your course. You’ve done some research and found that all the traditional solutions are bulky and unsightly. You can not have huge concrete blocks on your golf course.

Luckily, NAUE Asia developed Secutex® Soft Rock, a sand container and sandbag solution that does not rely on bulky hard rock, wire, or concrete solutions to protect your slopes, but instead can be hidden in the natural landscaping of your resort. Read on to learn why Secutex® Soft Rock sand containers are the best embankment protection solution for your resort.

Blend in Naturally with Your Landscaping

Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags have a geotextile surface that is nonwoven and permeable, meaning it won’t give way with time but most importantly, the surface imitates nature. Secutex® Soft Rock containers are designed so that you can cover them with sand, soil, turf, and other short plants and the new surface will be completely stable underfoot.

Once the sandbags are fully installed and you’ve covered them in your method of choice, your guests will not be able to tell they are there. Whether they’re staying in your hotel or out on the lawns, they will have a view of unbroken green with a pretty natural waterway winding its way by.

Sandbags with High Service Life

Secutex® Soft Rock sand containers bridge the gap between traditional portable sandbags and permanent solutions. Secutex® Soft Rock containers come in a range of sizes to best suit your needs and are installed as a permanent solution to protect your river embankments. Once the sand containers are installed and covered, they provide complete embankment protection for.

All Secutex® Soft Rock sand containers were developed through decades of seaming and manufacturing experience and passed extremely high quality-control standards. Despite their long service life, the sand containers have been designed to offer easy construction and trouble-free disassembly.

They Have Little Impact on the Environment

Secutex® Soft Rock sand containers can be brought in and installed, used and removed with little-to-no impact on the local environment. Not only can they be hidden under your landscaping, but you can also fill them with local sand or soil, eliminating the need to deliver armour stones (rip rap), rocks, concrete from distant regions.

They won’t leak negative chemicals into your waterway because the filling is all-natural, so you can install them without fear of introducing something negative into your local waterways.

Stop Your Waterway Becoming a Health and Safety Problem

As a golf club owner or manager, you need to consider the safety of your members and guests. If your course runs up against a stream, river or lake, you need to be aware that your members may get close to go after a stray ball or simply to have a look. If your embankments are loose after a storm or through erosion, you could be putting your members and guests at risk.

If someone falls into the waterway because the embankment on your property gave way, you could be in trouble, either legally or if the news spreads and damages your reputation. It is vitally important that you maintain your property to the highest standard physically as well as aesthetically. Your resort offers a premium experience, and that’s not something you should risk by letting your waterways fall into disrepair.

Seri Selangor Golf Club – Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS)

Embankment erosion after heavy rain.

Embankment erosion after heavy rain

Secutex® Soft Rock solution as embankment protection.

Final view on the river and the golf resort after natural greening.