8 Benefits of Using Secutex Sandbags for Your Beachfront Hotel

8 Benefits of Using Secutex Sandbags for Your Beachfront Hotel

When stormy weather hits you have very little warning, and if your hotel is on the beach all you’ll have time to do is quickly put out whatever defences you have and hope for the best. Sometimes that level of preparedness works out, but when the storm is bad enough it will leave you with a lobby full of sand and crippling repair bills.

Beach erosion has become a serious problem for Thailand’s coastlines, and in Bang Muang in the Takua Pa district of Phang Nga, where tourists come for the incredible uninterrupted beach views and the amazing snorkellingand diving at the coral reefs, the coastline has eroded 1-5 metresper year, leaving visible damage along the coastline.

Coastal areas that were once used for fishing and transportation have now largely become tourist destinations, but in order for the tourist economy to thrive throughout the year hotel owners must start taking greater measures to ensure hotel and beach protection through monsoon season.

Traditional erosion solutions are large, bulky, and ugly. In the past it was almost impossible to protect the coastline without also turning it into an eyesore, and certainly not a place where guests would be happy to spend their exotic getaway.

Fortunately, there is a natural and concealable solution to give you complete beachfront protection. NAUE’s Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags are the solution chosen by Thailand’s Department of Public Work to protect the public coastline in Bang Muang, and they can offer your hotel and beach complete protection from the frequent monsoons, without ruining the landscape of the beach for your guests. Read on to learn 8 benefits of Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags.

1. Benefit: A Permanent Solution

Unlike traditional sandbags your employees have to manually place in front of doors, Secutex® sandbags are a large, permanent solution. The sandbags, available in various fill volumes, are proven to offer 25-year protection. They were developed with decades of seaming and manufacturing experience and passed through high-quality control standards, so every bag will have a long service life.

2. Benefit: High Level of Protection

The geotextile surface of the bags are permeable and nonwoven, meaning they won’t give way with age and provide a surface that imitates nature, and provides an extremely high level of abrasion resistance, all while remaining soft and flexible. They won’t degrade or turn into something harshand concrete-like over time.

3. Benefit: Naturally Blends with the Coastline

Many of the Secutex© Soft Rock sandbags are designed to be covered. They are laid in a staggered formation and sloped gradient, like roof tiles, and covered in sand. The coastline won’t have to be broken with ugly and bulky permanent concrete solutions as they have a surface that imitates nature and accommodates plant growth.

4. Benefit: Easy Construction & Disassembly

Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags offer easy construction and trouble-free disassembly at the end of their service life. The local sand which was initially used to fill the sandbags can just be emptied onto the beach and used to fill new sandbags.

5. Benefit: Little Impact on Environment

Secutex© Soft Rock sandbags geotextile fabric traps sand and naturally blends in with the coastline, can be covered entirely by sand, and is a great foundation for plant growth. As they integrate so well into the local environment, they don’t disrupt the recreational use of the beach – in fact, most guests won’t guess there’s anything other than the beach beneath their feet. The bags simply improve the stability of the coastline and protect the coastline against harsh weather.

6. Benefit: No Need to Import Foreign Materials

The sandbags can be filled with local sand, so you won’t have to import foreign materials, which can be costly and negatively affect the environment.

7. Benefit: They’re Approved

The German Federal Institute of Hydraulic Engineering (BAW) verified the performance of the Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags, so you can have confidence in their ability to protect your beach, hotel or resort.

8. Benefit: Guests Won’t Know

Due to the way the sandbags naturally blend in to the coastline, creating a natural slope that facilitates plant growth, your guests won’t know what they’re walking on, and they can continue to use the beach as normal while you can rest assured that next time a monsoon hits, your beachfront hotel or resort is protected.

Bang Muang beach protection with Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags / sand containers

Coastal erosion and loss of beach area at Bang Muang beach.

Coastal erosion and loss of beach area at Bang Muang beach.

Beach protection with Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags / sand container.

Beach protection with Secutex® Soft Rock sandbags / sand container.

Sand covering over the beach protection structure.

Sand covering over the beach protection structure.

Final view of the Bang Muang beach after natural greening.