Geotextile sand bags protect holidays in southeast Asia


Geotextile sand bags protect holidays in southeast Asia Coastal protection and beach extension with geotextile sand bags and sand containers Secutex® Soft Rock in Pattaya, Thailand Coastal erosion processes often threaten buildings, infrastructure elements, and the viability of shoreline recreation areas. Countermeasures, using geosynthetics, are utilized to protect these spaces and structures. [...]

Bali’s First Modern Landfill Design


Bangli Regional Landfill in Indonesia’s Bali province is located about 60km outside of Denpasar, the provincial capital and home to more than 500,000 residents. The region hosts Ngurah Rai International Airport - the main entry point into Bali - and numerous tourist destinations along Bali’s popular white sands beaches. When the Indonesian [...]

Double take: Bentofix® GCL and the Miyagi earthquake


The Shibusawa agricultural pond in Yamamoto Town, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, has the unique distinction of having been built twice with geo-synthetic clay liners (GCLs), both times to the client’s satisfaction, and without having experienced any failure in engineering or product performance. The pond, which is located with-in a golf course, serves as [...]

Dynamic Duo Down Under: Carbofol® and Bentofix®


When one of Australia’s largest landfills sought to expand, engineers were concerned about the potential impact on groundwater, as well as the overall site’s integrity. The new cell would need to be asymmetrical and utilize a steep-slope footprint, which presented challenges for designing in a secure barrier system and proper drainage management. [...]

Success vs. Sinking in Brunei


Geosynthetic separation and reinforcement materials are engineered for ground modification and improvement applications. One of the most common applications is base course stabilization in roads. As traffic loads pass over the roadway, the ten-sile forces can cause cracking and rutting as the pumping action induced beneath the surface causes fines and [...]

Harvey Norman Site in Maroochydore – Australia


Thin Combigrid® Platforms Carry Heavy Loads In the construction of heavily trafficked areas such as working platforms, a stable subgrade with sufficient bearing capacity is required. Economical and environmental advantages of construction methods with geosynthetics, especially on soft soils are already well known. Soil masses that need to be excavated, transported [...]

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